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How the herb Centaurium may ease stomach troubles

It’s unfair! You eat a healthy diet, you avoid caffeine and shun sugar, you drink the requisite amount of water, and only moderate amounts of wine. Why then does your stomach rebel and traumatise you with acid indigestion and even reflux? The sphincter at the top of the stomach is supposed to prevent food from […]

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Make your own elderflower cordial

We love this simple recipe for making your own elderflower cordial. Right time of year now!! 25-30 elderflower heads 2 lemons 1 liter water 1 kg sugar (demerara or cane sugar preferably) 2 tablespoons citric acid Rinse the flower heads and put them in a big pot. Wash the lemons and cut them into slices. […]

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Fed up with your eczema

Eczema can be so difficult to treat! And then other times, people experience great relief using a specific cream or taking a specific supplement. Other people need to cut out dairy and wow, what a change! All worth trying…. and it can be a bit of trial and error. Also make sure to have as […]

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Herbs and spices

Cinnamon Few aromas are quite as seductive, or as warmly enveloping, as that of cinnamon, the fragrant bark of the eponymous tropical tree. Just half a teaspoon added to cakes, biscuits or puddings fills the kitchen with an intoxicating scent guaranteed to stimulate the appetite and raise the spirits. One of the most versatile spices, […]

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Spiced Parsnip Cake

This cake is not too sweet and is perfect for January when the parsnips are still abundant locally. Ingredients: 120 g Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour Blend (or last time I used the Gluten Free White Self-Raising Flour Blend as run out of the other type) 90 g gluten free porridge oats 2 […]

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Wholesome healthy recipes – Carrot banana cake

We will feature regular recipes that are easy and healthy, and start off with this one which is a Paleo favourite. The Paleo diet goes back to eating like a caveman before agricultural grains. You can eat it any time as a cake, bread, snack or it’s really yummy for breakfast with a dollop of […]

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Get your healthy Halloween treats ready !!!

Here at The Ark we have a wide array of healthy treats that you can give to your children without having to worry about the effects of usual high sugar sweets We have alot more in store so come and look at our treats range next to the till.

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You’ve made my day!

At the Chi A Mi event at the Wildlife Park near Tenby last Saturday lots of people filled in our quiz to win a free treatment with a therapist of their choice from The Ark. The winner was drawn on the day. Congratulations to Emma Ryall who was delighted. “You’ve made my day”, she said. […]

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The Ark Clinic at the Wildlife Park, Tenby

Enjoy some photos from our latest event when we went to Chi A Mi Community Day at Anna’s Wildlife Park near Tenby.

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Meet our practitioners on 7th September

We’ll be ten therapists from The Ark Natural Health Clinic going to the Chi A Mi event at Manor Park Wildlife Park near Tenby on 7th September. There’ll be a whole tent just for us and we’re hoping lots of people will come and see us. There’ll be free goodie bags, a chance to talk […]

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