How the herb Centaurium may ease stomach troubles

It’s unfair! You eat a healthy diet, you avoid caffeine and shun sugar, you drink the requisite amount of water, and only moderate amounts of wine.

Why then does your stomach rebel and traumatise you with acid indigestion and even reflux?

The sphincter at the top of the stomach is supposed to prevent food from coming back up, and stomach enzymes are supposed to break down your food without turning it to vinegar and giving you heartburn.

Unfortunately, for some people this mechanism has got itself into a pickle and the result makes it difficult to enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet.

There are some straightforward strategies you can implement to help reduce the incidence of acid indigestion and reflux.

1. Sit down to eat.
2. Chew your food. Give each mouthful at least 20 chomps.
3. Don’t slump over your meal. Sit up, put your shoulders back.
4. Use bitter herbs to stimulate  the production of stomach enzymes, and promote the toning of the sphincter. In the UK, we have very few of these foods commonly present on our plates. Try including bitter salads and bitter aperitifs. Or use a bitter tincture, e.g. made from the herb Centaurium, which is exceedingly good for the stomach.

Taking Centaurium before each meal ensures that your stomach acid is properly produced in the right amounts, and that your digestive process starts off correctly. Centaurium works immediately, on the meal you take it with. You can take it for as long as you need, and it is not associated with contraindications with medication. It is often found to reduce the need for antacid medication.


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