Lise Matthews

Lise_imageLise Matthews originates from Denmark and brings with her healthy Scandinavian eating and living habits. She now lives and practises in Wales since 2002. She had a career within documentation and technical writing before becoming interested in complementary therapies during the 1990s.

Lise is a qualified Bowen Technique practitioner since year 2002 and deals with all musculo-sceletal issues and complaints.

Lise uses the muscle testing extensively to establish the cause and possible cures for presenting symptoms. She has extensive knowledge within natural medicine, and uses homeopathy, herbs, nutritional supplements, magnet therapy, meridians, chakras and Emotional Freedom Technique in her individual assessments of the correct treatment form.

She is particularly specialising in digestive disorders, intolerances and diets and offers sessions together with other therapists in The Ark Clinic to give faster relief and more information to the patients.

1999 Bach Flower Remedies practitioner
2000 Anatomy and physiology
2002 Bowen Technique practitioner
2004 Herbal medicine course
2007-2008 Natural medicine and functional biochemistry
2008 Started The Health Detectives
2009-2010 Specialised seminars with Metabolics
2011 Ownership of The Ark health food shop and natural health clinic
2013 Nutritional seminar with Christine Bailey – raw foods and fermented foods
2014 Collaboration with Lorisian Blood Testing service to diagnose Immunoglobulin G
2015 Collaboration with Amy Desborough from Eatwell Feelwell to offer focused ‘diet and digestion’ clinics at The Ark.
2015 Development of holistic treatment plans and started up The Nutrition Detectives with Amy Desborough.

Lise has over the years also participated in courses and seminars in cranio-sacral therapy, chakras, meridians and reiki as well as continued professional development within nutritional management and the Bowen Technique, which she practises from The Ark.

Lise is fully insured through Holistic Insurance services.