Morning rice pudding – recipe

Serves two children

100 g short-grain brown rice*

500ml milk, or soya milk*

350ml water

50g raisins*

1/2 vanilla pod, with the seeds scraped out and retained*

1 tbsp honey*

1 tbsp pear & apple fruit spread (2 tbsp if you want to replace the honey)*

Rinse the rice in a sieve under cold running water. Place in a heavy-based pan with deep sides (to keep in moisture), along with the milk, water, raisins, vanilla pod and seeds. Cover pan and allow to simmer for 35 minutes, stirring little and often. Check the rice is cooked before serving.

Remove the vanilla pod and allow the rice to stand for a minute or so. Add the honey and pear & apple fruit spread for sweetness – you can adjust the amounts to your taste.


You could also stir through some ground seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and linseeds.

* Available from The Ark.


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