Absorption of nutrients and supplements

Did you know that poor quality supplements have a very low absorption rate, some only about 9%, so the amount your body would actually get can be way below what it says on the bottle. So, choosing a supplement can be quite difficult. Apart from the quality of the supplement, absorption also depends on the […]

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Ark Muesli

Check out our lovely home-made muesli recipe. Serve with yoghurt and chopped up apple or as a pudding with ice cream and chopped chocolate for a real treat. The muesli er made from pure ingredients, all full of super nutrients. We use cinnamon to regulate the blood sugar, which is great in the morning as […]

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New soothing Arnica shower gel

We love Weleda’s new shower gel with the soothing properties of Arnica after exercise, gardening, a day on the beach. It can really relax the muscles and recharges the batteries. Take a surge of energy into the shower – and enjoy the unique scent of rosemary and lavender to get you back to full bloom […]

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My new favourite summer smoothie

Use a handful of raspberries 1 banana 4 dates 2 tbl raw cashew nuts 1 tbl Marvellous super protein powder (or other superfoods powder of your choice) Top up with your choice of coconut water, water kefir or filtered water. Blend until smooth and pour into a glass

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How the herb Centaurium may ease stomach troubles

It’s unfair! You eat a healthy diet, you avoid caffeine and shun sugar, you drink the requisite amount of water, and only moderate amounts of wine. Why then does your stomach rebel and traumatise you with acid indigestion and even reflux? The sphincter at the top of the stomach is supposed to prevent food from […]

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Make your own elderflower cordial

We love this simple recipe for making your own elderflower cordial. Right time of year now!! 25-30 elderflower heads 2 lemons 1 liter water 1 kg sugar (demerara or cane sugar preferably) 2 tablespoons citric acid Rinse the flower heads and put them in a big pot. Wash the lemons and cut them into slices. […]

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Fed up with your eczema

Eczema can be so difficult to treat! And then other times, people experience great relief using a specific cream or taking a specific supplement. Other people need to cut out dairy and wow, what a change! All worth trying…. and it can be a bit of trial and error. Also make sure to have as […]

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Gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake

Leading up to our nutritionist Amy’s demo on Friday 5th June, we love this gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake mix from Bob’s Red Mill. Some left in the shop at half price due to short best before date so I took one home to bake and the flavour!! It is full of flavour and […]

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Is a Paleo diet good for my child?

Many people have adopted a Paleo way of eating, either for successful sustained weight loss or just because they feel better on it. The idea is to eat like our Paleolithic ancestors, with lots of protein, no processed foods and a limited amount of grains like wheat. A well-thought-out Paleo diet is not restrictive and […]

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Boost health levels and combat hay fever with this delicious smoothie!

Super Green Smoothie

Spring is here! And so is the dreaded hay fever. Here at The Ark we love using a range of natural approaches to preventing or treating hay fever, and two of our favourite solutions are local honey and bee pollen. Consuming local honey can work to desensitise your system to the effects of local pollen, […]

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