Somatic Movement

SamSam also offers Somatic Movement which works by releasing muscle tension and re-training the muscles to relax through a series of simple and effective movements which are suitable for most people. It is more effective than many other movement forms because it engages the brain to work with the muscles to bring about positive change.

Somatics can be effective for anyone with on-going aches and pains. It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to increase and improve their mobility for general health and wellbeing.

If practised regularly it is a great way to increase your awareness, comfort and confidence in your body. I run workshops here at The Ark which include Move with Ease (introduction), Walk with Ease, Move Breathe Release (anxiety/depression) and Movement for Mums.

In addition to the workshops I also provide one to one sessions. These last an hour and will involve an initial consultation and a series of movements to learn for home practice.

You can contact me on 07966 732142 to book a treatment or for more information.