//Natural ways to build your immune system

Natural ways to build your immune system

Your immune system protects you against disease & infection, and helps you recover after an injury. It’s possible to nurture your immune system naturally through the intake of vitamins, natural foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

Read on for useful advice on how you can build resilience for yourself and your children through our recommended supplements, anti-inflammatory diet and further preventative advice.

Supplements you may want to consider

Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans act by triggering the body’s natural immune response, both innate and acquired.  The innate immunity is specifically important in recognising a virus and initiating an antiviral response.  The innate communicates with the acquired immune system, warning that an infection is likely, and instructs T helper cells to develop which have anti-microbial and anti allergy properties.

Vitamin C

Probably one of the most important nutrients for the immune system as it is essential for the formation of adrenal hormones and the production of lymphocytes, both of which are so important when dealing with fighting a virus. It is also a potent antioxidant and has anti-histamine properties, which is useful for the lungs.

Vitamin D

are both important for a healthy immune system and play a part in the first line of defence. This time of year we are generally lower in Vitamin D than any other time of the year.


Zinc is involved in wound healing, immune balance and boosting resistance to infection.


Some probiotics (e.g. Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus reuteri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus)  have been shown to promote the production of natural antibodies in the body. They may also boost immune cells like the IgA-producing cells, T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.


Stops the virus from penetrating the body’s cells and helps prevent replication of the virus.  It has also been proven to directly kill invading viruses.  It has been clinically proven to support upper respiratory tract infections.

Colloidal Silver or Nano Silver

Boosts your immune system and fights bacteria and viruses. Silver kills germs when it oxidizes and releases silver ions.


This herb stimulates the immune system and helps fight infection. It is particularly useful for long-term chronic infections and for those with impaired immunity.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf stimulates the immune system and has antiviral and antimicrobial activity.


Immune building supplement for kids

Natures Aid range

Sugar free and no artificial flavours or colours.

Vitamin C drops

For daily immune and nervous system support.

Vitamin D3 drops

Helping the body to absorb calcium for strong bone and teeth as well as immune support.


Carefully created to provide 9 essential vitamins to support your child. Sugar free. No artificial flavours or colours.

OptiBac Baby and Children probiotics

Tailored to their microbiome.

Solgar Kangavites

Multivitamin and mineral formula, chewable tablets.

Lamberts Omega 3 Kids

A soft chewy blackcurrant-flavoured capsule for healthy skin, teeth, bones, eyes and concentration.

Sambucol Black Elderberry Liquid

For back to school healthy immunity.

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You can further boost your immunity through your diet

Vitamin A

liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, milk, and egg yolks.

Vitamin C

oranges, blackcurrants, kiwifruit, mangoes, broccoli, spinach, capsicum and strawberries.

Vitamin E

vegetable oils (such as wheatgerm oil), avocados, nuts, seeds and whole grains.


seafood, lean meat, milk and nuts.


tomatoes and kale, apricots, asparagus, beef liver, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, mangoes, collard greens, nectarines, peaches, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, tangerines, and watermelon.  Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables.


cocoa, blueberries, apples and onions, green tea.

Low-carb Diet

There is strong evidence that a low-carb diet has many health benefits as it reduces inflammation in the body. Hence, it may limit the conditions that might make things worse. Preventative measures through diet may turn out to be really important for fighting any invading pathogens in the body.


The coronavirus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. You have to open and unblock these airways for treatment to be effective.

Here is some preventative advice:

  • Drink lots of hot liquids
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks
  • Eat healthy foods especially high in Zinc and Vitamin C
  • Garle with salt once a day
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap that foams
  • The virus attaches itself to hair or clothes. Take a shower as soon as you return home and wash your clothes or hang them in sunlight
  • Wipe down surfaces regularly
  • If you feel any signs of a sore throat coming on, address this immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the body in this way and remains in the throat for 3-4 days before it passes into the lungs


A big risk to your immune system is chronic stress so please be kind and considerate to all those carrying on regardless to keep the healthcare and other vital services going. Try not to worry too much about the future but take one day at a time. We’re all in the same boat.

Blessings to you all.

Feel free to contact us about any of the suggestions in this article – we can help guide you towards the best solution for your needs.

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