Summer tomato tart

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If you've been growing your own tomatoes in the garden and you suddenly have an abundance, or you've picked them up from the farmers' market when tomatoes are at their peak, this is the recipe for you! This is a favourite recipe and makes a meal when served with a mixed green salad and an Italian inspired olive oil-vinegar dressing.

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Tart base: 100g butter 175g white spelt flour 1/2 tsp salt 2 tbsp water Filling: 5 tomatoes 5 spring onions 3 eggs 50ml oat cream 100ml milk of your choice Handful of fresh basil 2 tsp dried oregano herb 100g grated cheddar Salt, pepper
Mix the ingredients for the base and roll out the dough to fit your tart tray and up the sides. Cook for 12 min. at 200 degrees Celcius. Meanwhile slice the tomatoes and spring onions and spread them on the tart base with the chopped basil. Mix eggs, cream, milk, salt and pepper and pour over the tart. Distribute the grated cheese over the tart and sprinkle with oregano. Cook for a further 25 min in the oven. Serve with a mixed salad and dressing. Our favourite dressing is olive oil, cyder vinegar, mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. Give it a good shake before pouring over the salad.

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