Take It Easy Tea

What will this recipe make?

As stress first aggravates the nervous system and then the digestion, this is a tea designed to tackle the problem in reverse. It first relaxes the digestive system and then calms you down. It is Pukka's original vata-stress balancing tea.

Whose recipe is this?

Sebastian Pole, Pukka (from 'Cleanse, Restore with Herbal Tea' available at The Ark)
Fennel seed 5g
Chamomile flower 3g
Cardamom pod 2g
Ginger root powder 2g
Marshmallow root 2g
Oat straw flowering top 2g
Licorice root 1g
Put all of the ingredients in a pot.
Add 500ml/18fl oz freshly boiled filtered water.
Leave to steep for 10-15 minutes, then strain and let it all hang out.

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