Natural Cleaning

We support and encourage a green lifestyle through a selection of natural detergents and cleaning products from ethical brands like Bio-D, Ecoleaf and Ecozone. Whether it’s washing-up, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom or the floors, we’ve got the products that will not harm the environment.

Also in this section, we offer a refill service. In the liquid bulk section for refilling your used bottles, the self-serve products include laundry liquid, washing-up liquid, toilet cleaner, fabric conditioner, all-purpose cleaner, shampoo, conditioner and hand/body wash. You need to bring your own bottles; any bottle can be used as long as we can work out how much it contains.

We help you shop plastic-free and be one step closer to a zero-waste life by also offering bamboo cleaning cloths, Loofah pads, scrubbers and brushes.