Natural Pharmacy

Quality is the main motivation for us to stock a product, and not all supplements are equal. We have a comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathic and herbal remedies and source them carefully, giving the customer a diverse selection of solutions for any particular ailment.

Key supplement suppliers are A Vogel, Solgar, Natures Aid, Swiss Herbal, Lifeplan, Cytoplan, OptiBac, Lamberts, Aqua Oleum, Nutri Advanced and Biocare.

We spend a lot of time dealing with customer queries about their various ailments and whenever possible we back up the advice with supplier leaflets and reference books.

All staff regularly attend training workshops and we all have a keen interest in natural health care.

Some of the biggest health issues we come across:

Stress & anxiety
Sleep, stress & energy
Digestive health
Bone & joint health
Cold & flu
Women’s health
Brain health
Heart health
Diet & weight loss