About this therapy

Therapist name: Jason Redding
Duration of session: 45-60mins
Price: £40
Contact details for booking: 07794 626218 or

Acupuncture assists the body in its natural healing process and enables it to heal itself in body, mind and spirit, as far as nature will allow. The process of healing takes place within our bodies all the time, and for the most part we are unaware; cuts heal, germs are rejected, temperatures rise and fall, infections come and go, as our bodies work endlessly to keep us well.

Sometimes when our bodies can not heal their symptoms we need to rebalance our energy. Acupuncture heals the body from within and makes it possible for the symptoms of which we complain to gradually fade away. For this reason, acupuncture is a gentle recovery process which takes place from the inside to the outside and while some patients find their symptoms relieved almost from the first treatment, many others are aware that they feel generally better before the specific problem improves. Hence the frequent comment: “I’m feeling better in myself” which refers to such things as increased vitality, improved sleep, balanced appetite, greater confidence and enjoyment of life.

Former Therapists to the England Hockey Masters for 5 years, Jason and Michelle Ravell Redding have effectively utilised a wide range of therapies and years of experience, to successfully treat many sports related injuries, both pitch side and within the clinic sessions.

With empathy, Jason has successfully treated a variety of conditions, using his unique skill set, an “Holistic tool bag” that enables him to treat the whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

From fertility to fibromyalgia and everything in between, as well as back pain and physical injuries, Jason will bespoke your treatment to your needs, without booking you in for a series of lengthy and costly sessions.

Jason is also trained in Japanese physical medicine and has completed a 3 year course with Dr Chris Roworth which incorporates chiropractor, osteopathic and physio techniques, alongside advanced acupuncture, visceral and sports massage. He is also a qualified yoga instructor and currently studying as a clinical personal fitness trainer level 3.