Bach Flower Remedies

About this therapy

Therapist name: Ulrike Peschken
Duration of session: 1 hour
Price: £35
Contact details for booking: 01437 760436 or

The medical doctor Edward Bach created these remedies in the 1930s.

Dr. Bach believed that imbalanced emotions have negative effects not only on your soul but also on your body.

In his belief, fear, loneliness, sadness, anger or a lack of confidence will lead to illness one day.

The essences capture the positive potential to rediscover your inner sense of peace and security. They help to balance the emotions and fulfill the personal potential.

I am trained by Germany´s most known Bach Flower teacher Mechthild Scheffer, who has written several books.

If you see me for a Bach Flower session, we will have a talk to establish your concerns and your needs. Together we will find your personal combination of flower remedies that you will take daily for several weeks. As soon as the bottle is empty you might have another appointment to carry on with your personal development.