Bowen Therapy

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For significant relief from troubling aches and pains.

Therapist name: Lise Matthews
Duration of session: 50 mintues
Price: £50
Contact details for booking: 07811 074068 or

Bowen therapy at The Ark health clinic - Haverfordwest
"The impact of my first treatment with Lise I can only describe as magical as I felt considerably better within hours."
CEO and Marketing Consultant
"The change in David is incredible. We've just had a large sycamore cut down and he's been enthusiastically chopping and stacking, really motivated. It seems a very long time since he had the get up and go for anything like this. Thank you so much!"
Relieved wife

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Recognising where change is needed

The body continually adjusts and compensates in order to keep functioning, which, over time, may lead to pain and reduced movement; for example one-sided sports, jobs which involve repeated rotation, flexing or squeezing, and regular screen use. Bowen Therapy can help with; relief from troubling aches and pains, improving posture, reducing tension in muscles, improving mobility.

Restoring balance and ease of movement

Through the Bowen Therapy we purposefully move the fascia and muscles in a particular way to stimulate or relax muscle fibres to improve posture, achieve pain relief and improve mobility.

Increasing wellbeing and energy

The sessions are very relaxing and Bowen work is often carried out through light clothing. Clients also report that they feel less stressed following a treatment, having taken time out of busy schedules to address their issues. In a Bowen session, the client can either lie on a couch or, alternatively, be seated if this is more comfortable.

Lise is fully insured and qualified through the Bowen Association UK and the Bowen Therapy Academy Australia which distinguish her commitment to continuing education and assure the public a level of quality.

"Can honestly say this has worked for me. Nearly 18 months in pain two lots of physio and still unable to raise my arm, but after two Bowen sessions I can raise my arm (not as straight as I’d like it and that is down to me not the treatment), but not in any more pain."
Alison Thomas

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In Bowen Therapy, I gently move the fascia and muscles in a particular way to either stimulate or relax muscle fibres to improve posture, achieve relief from pain and improve mobility. I perform gentle moves on precise points and thus there is no manipulation. The moves are initiating signals of repair and realignment via the central nervous system. The therapy includes small breaks in between sets of moves to allow the body to react. The input from the moves last up to 5 days in your body where the body will attempt to make the changes needed.

My name is Lise, and I have worked as a qualified Bowen practitioner since 2002. I help resolve musculoskeletal complaints and often see how these tie into life events. Body and mind work together. Everything we have experienced settles in the body; sometimes as tension, compensation or pain. We live in a time where an overactive brain often steals our energy and focus – and emotions settle as tension, which may not disappear by talking, thinking or analysing. I love the simplicity of the Bowen Technique, addressing the body and mind through stimulation or relaxation of fascia.

In a Bowen session, the client usually lies on a couch – unless this is uncomfortable, in which case the client can be seated. Bowen work is usually carried out through light clothing or directly on the skin. The first session, which includes a consultation covering medical history and assessments, is likely to be 45 minutes. The amount of work done within a session will be determined by the client’s condition. Fit and healthy clients will be able to receive more; those suffering with certain syndromes may only receive a few moves each time as they build their resilience. Children often don’t need much work at all as their body’s response rate appears to be much faster. At the end of the session, I will explain aftercare advice.

Unbalanced levels of tension in our muscles may result in pain and fatigue. This may be a result of bad habits or the strain of the activities we’re undertaken. It may be through playing sports or from accidents causing micro-tears and scars in muscle fibres (e.g. whiplash). Patterns of movement may cause the body to compensate causing postural compensations. Regular screen use or physical jobs may create localised tension. The body continually adjusts and compensates in order to keep functioning, which, over time, may lead to pain and reduced movement. Many people use the Bowen Technique to help address these compensations, restoring balance and ease of movement.

An increasing awareness and understanding of the role of fascia within the body has underpinned our appreciation that the body should be looked at holistically (as a whole). The growing body of testimonial evidence from Bowen clients supports a deeper understanding of the link between mental and physical health. A frozen shoulder research study using Bowen Therapy was conducted at the Metropolitan University of Manchester. All participants experienced improvement in their daily activities, even those with a very longstanding history of frozen shoulder. For the majority of participants it provided a good outcome particularly in relation to improved mobility. 70% of participants regained full mobility.

I don’t usually see the Bowen Therapy as a long-lasting treatment method but it does vary from client to client depending on the client’s present situation and condition. I re-assess after 3-4 sessions usually, and this may be all the body needs. There is around 1 week between sessions at first, and I will give aftercare advice for in between to ensure the Bowen moves keep working in the body for as long as possible. 

"Having worked myself into a painful 'locked neck' situation from too many sedentary hours at my desk, I decided to try the Bowen Technique to alleviate my symptoms. I was experiencing excruciating pain in my neck and down into my right shoulder blade, which over time had sent my whole body into spasm. The impact of my first treatment with Lise I can only describe as magical as I felt considerably better within hours. The tension in my body during treatment transformed from pain to a tingling sensation around the area of injury and I was pleased to fall into a long awaited deep sleep following the session, after which I was able to move more freely.

I had this treatment in the period following the COVID-19 lockdown and I was impressed to see that Lise was following a professional PPE procedure which didn't affect the treatment she provided. I found Lise to be extremely knowledgeable, approachable and attentive to understanding and solving my specific needs.

I'm also interested to understand how the Bowen Technique can help with hormonal imbalance. Thank you Lise, I will happily recommend your service to anyone."

CEO & Marketing Consultant

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