Ear Acupuncture

About this therapy

Therapist name: Ulrike Peschken
Duration of session: 1 hour
Price: £35
Contact details for booking: 01437 760436 or ulrichepesch56@gmail.com

Ear Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine but developed later by the French physician Paul Nogier in the 20th century.
Specific points in the ears are stimulated by putting in hair-fine needles. These points are regarded as a microsystem that is connected to every part of the body.
Over 300 different points can be found in this kind of map, but there are around 40 standardised master points.

Studies have shown that Ear Acupuncture is helping to reduce symptoms of Allergies, Headaches, Back Problems, Pain Relief and as a support to Stop Smoking.

I am a fully trained therapist, having had the chance to be trained by a well known ear acupuncture master who has written one of the best textbooks.
In Germany, I trained colleagues to learn this method.
If you come to see me for a session, I will place up to seven needles in each ear. They will stay there for about 30 minutes while you are lying comfortably on a massage table, perhaps listening to some gentle music.