Hypnotherapy (Lesserian Curative )

Therapist nameChristian Ashdown
Duration of session1 hour
Contact details for booking01834 871117 or christianashdown@yahoo.com

I am a fully qualified and registered Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapist. I am registered with the G H R (general Hypnotherapy Register).

L C H (Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy) is a form Hypnotherapy that aims to get to the root of the problem. By the use of very detailed questioning we search for the very first step the patient took on the path to creating the problem they have come with, and when we find that moment when things began to lead towards developing a problem only a very slight reinterpretation is often needed to put things right. Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood due to the entertainers practising hypnosis on TV and in clubs and theatres etc. Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing experience intact all the patient need do is sit back and relax, we do not probe into your mind or your past you are in control at all times and will actually say or do very little. Very often problems arise from misunderstandings that occurred many years ago, often in childhood that were taken on board and never really questioned .Since these misunderstandings lay in our subconscious mind they are not something we can “think” about and work out for ourselves. This is where hypnotherapy can be really useful. Curative hypnotherapy aims to do just that, to cure the problem once and for all ,not just alleviate the symptoms.