Junior Food Intolerance Test – over 100 food and drink ingredients

About this therapy

Food intolerance test kit for children aged 2-17 (home finger prick test)
Price: £125
Call us to buy and receive in the post or collect from our high street shop: 01437 767499 or info@thearkhaverfordwest.co.uk

Get tested for a long list of foods and drinks to establish any intolerances. We are happy to go through the test results with you afterwards and advice you.

Here is the ingredients list for the test: YT4108_v3_UK_Junior_food_ingredients_list

The test includes Reactivity Values, ’scoring’ your sensitivity to each of the food & drink ingredients tested, between 0 and 100 for each item.

Discover Your Child’s Igg Reactive Foods And Improve Their Health At Home
Begin the journey to safely optimise your child’s diet by finding out which foods they are reacting to. Simply take a quick finger-prick blood sample from the comfort of your own home and return it in the post. You’ll receive the results within just 7 days!
Suitable for children aged 2-17.
Convenient home-to-laboratory testing kit, no travel or social interaction required.
Test IgG reactions to over 100 food and drink ingredients.
Aftercare includes an easy-to-read traffic light intolerance values guidebook, a formal letter to your child’s school, and continued customer care guidance throughout.
This test is not available to customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding.