About this therapy

Therapist name: Andrea Buckle
Duration of session: 90 minutes, follow-up 60 or 90 minutes as agreed with each client
Price initial consultation: £90
Price follow-up: £60-£90
Contact details for booking: 07714750126 or

A free no-obligation chat on whether this approach is right for you is always available.
Time will always be agreed in advance and no block booking of sessions is expected.

Andrea is a fully qualified Human Givens Practitioner working across Pembrokeshire.  She is passionate about helping people to become their best self by providing accessible effective brief therapy that allows them to live a life they love.

After many years of leading, managing and coaching large diverse teams in the commercial sector, Andrea returned to Pembrokeshire in 2016 and trained in a counselling modality that is non-intrusive and provides effective fast results.

The Human Givens approach draws on the latest findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people function and what we need to lead fulfilling lives and maintain emotional wellbeing. As a Human Givens therapist, Andrea offers reliable and practical help for anyone suffering from all major forms of distress including but not limited to Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Addiction, Phobias, Panic attacks, Trauma, Bereavement, Lack of self-confidence, Sleep Issues, and Stress or Pain Management related to critical or chronic illness.  To do this, Andrea provides a tailored approach for each individual client, using a variety of up-to-date proven psychological methods and techniques (such as cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, solution-focused approaches, motivational interviewing, reflective listening and guided visualisation) that are focused on problem-solving and developing new life skills.

The Human Givens approach is supported by the Primary Care Mental Health Education (PrimHE), affiliated with the Royal College of General Practitioners and as a member of the Human Givens Institute (HGI) accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), Andrea abides by their professional conduct and ethics processes.

When Andrea is not providing psychotherapy, she fills her time with travel adventures and time on the coast, dabbles with graphic design, enjoys volunteering, is a Trustee and Secretary for Belle’s Story charity, is Vice-Chair for Haverfordwest Ladies Circle and Secretary for Area 46 Ladies Circle and is mum to three fabulous kids.