Relaxing Massages

About this therapy

Therapist name: Ulrike Peschken
Duration of session: 1 hour
Price: £35
Contact details for booking: 01437 760436 or

*Holistic Back Massage

Best to treat backaches and pain and perfect to reduce stress. Rolling with my elbow over tight muscles and kneading muscle knots to break down tightness and using slow, gentle massage to help you rejuvenate and unwind.

*Ayurveda Vitalpoint Massage

One of the most realxing types of massages. Gentle circles movements on key points of the body to melt the stress away, loosen the tension of the muscles, calming down the nervous system and to induce relaxation.

*Mechanic Cupping Massage

Intensively regenerating mechanical treatment with the use of silicone cups which work with vibration on tight muscles and fascia. The intensity of the mechanical cupping can be varied from light-medium-firm depending on individual needs.

This treatment can also be useful to reduce cellulite by stimulating the lymphatic system and to tighten the tissue.